How to remove skunk odor from dog, car, human, house

Texas skunk odor is one of the most pungent long-lasting scents that can last from weeks to years if nothing is done to try to eliminate it. You may have seen movies where persons soak themselves and their pets in a bathtub of tomato juice. A mixture of tomato juice and vinegar is a popular recipe, but it only masks the odor for a short time. Skunk liquid is oil based so you would need a solution that can basically decrease the liquid from whatever it is sprayed on.

Removing Houston Skunk Odor from a Dog:
Murphy's Oil soap is a commercial product for removing Houston skunk odor from dog fur, however, you may be challenged to use it in the nose area. If you have skunks in your area, you may want to stock up on this beforehand or you can use this homemade recipe for a dog of about 30 to 50 pounds:
Mix 4 cups of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of baking soda and 2 teaspoons each of dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent in a wide container. Do not use a bottle as this solution may explode. The peroxide and the baking soda would help to neutralize the odor while the soap would breakdown the oil in the skunk liquid.
Work the mixture, while it is bubbling, into your dog’s fur using a pair of gloves, as you would not want to get any skunk liquid on your hands. Have a wet cloth on-hand should some solution accidently get into your dog’s eyes. Hopefully your dog would stay calm throughout this procedure.
After no more than 10 minutes, rinse off your dog in warm water and bathe him/her as you would, using regular dog shampoo. Dry off with a towel. If the stench has not subsided, you may want to repeat this once a day until the odor completely diminishes.

Removing Skunk Odor from a Car:
Skunk-Off is a commercial product for removing skunk odors from cars and any commercial tire cleaner would work well to remove it from the tires. With regard to the interior, in order not to destroy your upholstery much, it is better to use distilled white vinegar. Ensure that you pull out all your floor mats and spray them thoroughly with the vinegar as well. Change your air filter as soon as you can.

Removing Skunk Odor from a Human:
When skunk liquid gets on your hair and body, the oxygen would eventually break it down and the odor would dissipate. For those who do not want to wait it out, follow these instructions.
In a bucket or bowl, mix 4 cups hydrogen peroxide, ½ cup of baking soda and 1 tsp of liquid soap, either dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent. Immediately apply to hair and body or wherever you suspect the skunk liquid to have penetrated. Leave for 5 minutes, rinse and repeat. Shower using your regular bath soap and shampoo to get rid of the peroxide from your skin and hair.
Remember that hydrogen peroxide can bleach and damage your hair, so you may not want to leave it on for too long.

Removing Skunk Odor from a House:
Skunk odor in the house is a bit challenging. Lay out bowls of vinegar to help absorb the scent. You can use the commercial Skunk-Off or mix the same solution as you would have used on the dog, for your upholstery. However, test it in a small area of your upholstery to ensure that it does not bleach it. Alternatively, if you have tiles, mix a solution of bleach and water and mop out your house.

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